Wrap Your Car Up Nice And Warm With A Car Cover

Now, as winter comes to thick of things, we wrap up warm before going out. Layers are piled on and we take all the necessary precautions before heading out to brave the storm. Sweaters, gloves, scarves, coats, hats, boots, umbrellas; it’s like a whole kit of ‘just-in-case’, as the weather is just so unpredictable.Think about it though; we’re so busy looking after ourselves and saving our own skins that we don’t think about our other precious possessions. Our poor cars stand outside in the cold, all night, and sometimes all day too. They don’t receive any form of protection against nature’s harsh elements and are exposed to the detriments of it all. Is this fair? Don’t our cars deserve a little bit of respect? If not for the car themselves, how about for you?When a car is left outside without any form of protection, it will get ruined. No question about it! The acid rain will leave ugly water stains on the exterior, and eat away at the car’s paintwork making it peel and look awfully patchy. After a while, the framework of the car will begin to rust from having being exposed to so much cold and dampness.The new kia stinger snow is even more dangerous. As the car freezes over in the snow, the brakes do too, and thus they do not work efficiently enough. This could lead to erratic driving and braking and could even be fatal, G-d forbid.

In a wind storm, the car is at risk of getting scratched and dented. This happens when debris lying in the streets get caught up in the winds and end up flying through the air. In doing so, they inevitably scratch and knock cars as they fly past, leaving an everlasting impression on the car itself.A car cover is a protection a car needs to make sure that none of the above actually affects the car’s well being. Waterproof car covers mean that no rain, sleet, or snow has a chance to filter through and damage the car. Your car will be able to stay bone dry, no matter what weather is raging outside.The material of an all-weather car cover is generally breathable. Air and moisture are allowed out through the material of the cover but not in. This gives the car a chance to sweat and breathe whilst covered, without it getting steamed up and moldy, whilst simultaneously, keeping it waterproof.The cover will be able to act as a cushioning shield for the car so that it will not get scratched and dented. The shock of any knocks and bangs will be absorbed by the cover itself, and the car will remain whole.All in all, a cover is a practical way of ensuring that your car is kept in good condition. It is compact and can be folded up neat and small so that it becomes your portable garage. Never again will your car be left exposed to the bitterness of winter. You will ultimately benefit as your car will not only always look good, clean, and shiny, but it will also last you for longer. Having prevented the car from all this damage, your car will not ‘die’ young. You only have what to gain from buying a car cover for your precious car!There are many different types of car covers available on the market, and before purchasing one, it is important to find out which cover is best suited to you and your car. Where do you live? Where do you keep your car? Do you keep it in a garage or on the street?

What is your budget?

These are three basic, fundamental questions, that when you can answer them fully, you will be able to select the perfect cover for your car.Where you live will very much depend on what type of cover you get. Someone living in Phoenix, for example, will not need to purchase a cover that specializes in the area of waterproofing. It would be a sheer waste of money for such a person. Better he should use that money and get a cover that concentrates on being ultra-violet resistant.There is a cover for almost every type of climate. There is a different combination of resistance and at varying level. Hence there is a cover for everyone, no matter where you live, so it would be a shame not to be able to get a cover that would prove to be most advantageous for you, and you’re their car.The next question, about storage, is also vital. You may live is a very wet, and rainy climate, but if you keep your car indoors, is it so necessary to spend the money on a waterproof car cover? Your car is anyway shielded from the rain when kept indoors but needs other sorts of protection from indoor damage. Indoor covers tend to be cheaper, as they do not need so many combinations of resistance, and you would otherwise be wasting your money. However, you will still want an indoor cover that has some type of protection against rain etc, for that odd, occasional outdoor use.Lastly, budget. For some, this may have been the first question, but I have put it last, as I believe that you cannot completely decide your budget before sorting out the type of protection. I believe so, simply because a person might totally under-cut himself, and then end up with an inadequate cover. This, in my opinion, is a waste. He will still have to then spend money on things like car-washes, polishes etc, and in the end, would have saved more had he bought a more expensive cover, to begin with.I put budget the last because once you have chosen the cover, you choose the size, and this varies in price. There is the universal cover which will fit any type of car, no matter what size. This is, of course, the cheapest type as it can be mass-produced. However, people don’t always like to buy a universal size simply because it doesn’t look so nice. Often there is lots of excess material hanging around the car, and it doesn’t look so pleasant.The custom cover is tailor-made for the car. It will fit the car like a glove and maximizes the type of protection offered. A custom cover looks very sleek and chic and therefore lots of people tend to buy it. Naturally, this works out the most expensive though.The last size is called a semi-custom. It is a compromise between the universal and custom. It is made to fit a selection of cars that are of similar shape and size. Therefore the fit is better than the universal, but not as snug as the custom. This is cheaper than the custom, hence it is often termed ‘the happy medium’.

Buying a semi-custom car cover is probably the most cost-effective way of preserving your car. It is an indisputable fact that cars need to be covered otherwise they will be left to nature’s peril. The ultra-violet rays from the sun will fade the exterior and ruin the finish. The cabin will get too stuffy and intolerable to drive, and the internal specs will get ruined.Rain, sleet and snow, all leave unsightly, ugly watermarks all over the exterior. The high level of acid disintegrate the paintwork and make it look horribly patchy. The car will look old and battered well before it’s time.When the wind blows, it manages to drag along with it junk from the streets. This includes twigs and stones, and as they fly past, they end up knocking the car leaving it scratched and dented all over.All of this is aside from the bird’s muck and the like that manages to park themselves on the car’s exterior. These also disintegrate the paintwork and leave long-lasting stains that are near impossible to remove. The dust will also pile up and the car will look old and weather-beaten.So it is agreed that a cover is needed. The type of cover will very much depend on the environment and the climate that the car is kept in. Some covers will be better for sunnier climates, others will have better waterproof protection. If the car is kept indoors, it will need only basic protection against knocks and bashes, and the dust, and not these fancy weather-proof ones.However, the type of sizing also makes a difference on the quality of protection provide. Universal car covers will fit on to any car, big or small (trucks come as a different size). They are cheap, as they can be mass produced. However, they will never fit properly. Either the cover will be too big, and look like a badly constructed, baggy tent, or will just about cover, often leaving bits peaking out.

Therefore the protection offered by universal covers is not the best.Custom cover are very expensive, as they are tailor made. The cover is made specifically for that particular car and it’s the specification, making things like the mirror and aerial pockets where necessary. This obviously means that there is not space for anything to sneak in, under the cover. Whilst this gives a classy look, it is also a pretty penny.That’s why semi-custom are a perfect choice. They are made to fit a selection of cars of similar shape and size. This means that the cover will fit the car properly, even if not like a glove. The protection is still topping, and the car will look good even whilst covered. However, it is not nearly as expensive as the custom, as it is not produced only for that car.With a semi-custom car cover, one can ensure that the car will stay in good condition.

The elements of nature will not be able to worm their way in and ruin it. The car will stay fresh and not need constant polishing and re-waxing. All of this for a very reasonable price!Car covers can be a real savior if you live in a climate that is prone to dust, wind, and rain. A lot of auto shops sell these products but you can also search for them online. One big benefit to owning a car cover is that your car will always look bright, shiny, and new. Also, you don’t have to go into get a car wash as frequently as those people who don’t own a car cover.These handy items come in all sorts of shapes, colors, sizes, and materials. Depending on how big or small your vehicle is, how wide or thin it is, tall or short, you can do some shopping around to find the cover that best fits your automobile’s needs. Some people are more discreet and worried about security so they will go for a cover that is black, grey, or brown to blend in with natural surroundings so their car is not sticking out like a sore thumb. And yet there are other people who are more eccentric and will go for a flashy red or purple cover to reflect their personality, or their car’s personality.

There are covers out there that are satin, storm proof, water resistant, sun resistant, and ice resistant, and wind resistant. You can buy a cover that will fit over your whole automobile or only part of it. A lot of natural elements can come in contact with your vehicle so you want to find the most durable cover out there. Some elements that may do damage to your car are paint on your car or bird droppings, mud, rain, snow, wind, and grease among others.You can find covers that range in price anywhere from thirty dollars to three hundred dollars, depending on the size of your car, how big you want the cover to be, and material you are looking for. People that live on the west coast of the United States may not need as heavy as a cover as someone living in the midwest or east coast, let’s say. However up in Seattle and Portland, it may be a good idea to own a canopy for your car there since they get a lot of rain on a regular basis. In the midwest and southwest it can be very dusty and windy so you may need a canopy there. But on the east coast, where there are snowstorms and blizzards, you may need an even more heavy duty canopy there to protect against the wind and rain.I don’t really see a whole lot of people that have car covers on their cars but I think it is a cheap and good investment for your car. After all, you can be saving maybe twenty dollars a week on a car wash at your local gas station, and keep your car in tip top shape. It is annoying to have to go into an autoshop just to get a new paint job while you could have saved big money on buying yourself a car cover!

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